European Leadership Trainings Academy

Welcome to the ELTA are all RR leaders who are engaged in the training of the leaders of their nation e. g. National Leader, Training Coordinator and selected RR instructors.

DATE: 21th to 28th June 2020

CONDITIONS: Active RR leaders who are involved in the leader training of their nation. E. g. National Leader, Training Coordinator and selected RR instructors.

The education is based on the scouting principle „learning by doing“. It starts on Monday with the theoretical part (NTS), continues on Tuesday to Wednesday with the precamp and ends by experiencing a real NTC. The participants of the ELTA are part of a NTC instructor team. However, during the NTC they switch between the instructors’ and the participants’ side. Thereby they experience the trainingscamp from both perspectives. Attention: The theoretical part (NTS) will be held in English and German. The practical training (NTC) will be held in German. English interpreters are available. For other languages please contact the trainings-coordination of Germany, Stephan Luithardt ►contact

Contents of the NTS:
- Basics of the Royal Rangers ministry.
- Goals of the education and training.
- Basic principles of the education and training.
- Methodology of the teaching and training.
- Forming a leadership team.
- Communication.
- Leading by example.

COSTS: 150,– €. (without travelling expenses).
That includes:
Accommodation, Meals from Sunday evening to Sunday afternoon, Instruction material, Scarf, NTC patch and Certificate.

MORE INFORMATIONS: In this PDF file you can find more details ►details 

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